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Tech at BukuWarung

Our Vision

Hi, a hearty thanks to you for finding time to understand about Tech at BukuWarung. This section will give you a glimpse into our tech world, while at the same time also help you to understand what to expect after you decide to talk to us for a possible role.

BukuWarung is building the digital infrastructure for 60 million+ Indonesian MSMEs. We are the fastest growing start-up in SEA; within 2 years of launch, BukuWarung has served over 6.5 million merchants across all locations in Indonesia. These merchants use the BukuWarung app for their daily ledger maintenance as well as to receive or pay money from their customers or other merchants. In the recent past, BukuWarung has been also empowering the merchants to sell digital services from the app, which has shown a healthy adoption rate. With this conviction, we want to expand our digital offerings to more accounting and financial products, and to achieve this vision, we are looking for people who can, or aspire to, shepherd features from ideas through to real-world usage.

We believe that by equipping people with the best tools to solve their own problems, we can tackle the whole world’s problems better, together. We’re always looking for talented humans who are interested in building the future alongside us.
How do we work?

We are a remote-first engineering team. So, you are free to choose where you want to work from. ️ This will remain until pandemic gets in control and people can again resume office full time. We do have offices in Jakarta and Singapore and will be soon opening a shared office space in India (Bangalore and Delhi).

The engineering team is comprised of different squads aligned to different lines of business namely: Accounting, Payments and Commerce. The squads are led by technical leads who also drive the work planning for the team.

As a team we have a daily sit-downs (since we are remote no need for standups anymore) , and weekly planning/review meetings. All teams also plan their weekly chill times in which is a strictly no shoptalk forum to let some steam off. As a company we have a monthly all-hands call to share our work, successes, and challenges.

Tech Stack and Tools

Java, Springboot, ReactJs, Next JS, Android Kotlin, Firestore, SQLLite, Postgre, Airflow, Kafka, AWS Services for the core of our stack. Besides this we use services for user behaviour analytics, marketing and notifications.

Familiarity with any of these is a benefit for Senior roles. For entry-level roles, none of them are essential as you’ll be smart enough to learn what’s necessary with our help.

We rely on Google Meet and Slack for our communication needs.

How we hire the best people?

The goal is to discover what you will bring to BukuWarung and what BukuWarung will bring to you. It’s as important for you to determine whether this is the right move for your career as much as anything else, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Step 1: Reach out

You reach out to your contact at BukuWarung or apply to one of our job openings via Instahyre, LinkedIn or our job portal. Make sure you mention the role and attach your latest resume.

The talent acquisition (TA) team screens the applications and reaches out to qualified applicants via Phone/Email/Whatsapp/Direct Messages on LinkedIn. The purpose of the call is so that the candidate and BukuWarung get to know each other. They will be looking to find out what kind of work you are presently doing and what you are looking for in your next role as part of your career progression. You’ll have a chance to ask any questions you may have about the role, the team, or the company. At the end of the call, do provide your preferred dates and time slots (preferably 3) for technical assessment.

Step 2: Skill Assesment

This step varies from role to role and on years of experience. The questions and expectations may vary.

For Software Engineer 1 (SE1), Software Engineer 2 (SE2), Sr. Software Engineer (SSE) roles, we do three rounds involving a mix of Coding, Problem Solving, Data Structures, Algorithms, SQL, Design Patterns, Backend Integration, UI Frameworks etc.

For Management roles, we generally do two rounds of interviews. During the interview, the interviewers take notes so later reference.

Final Step: Communication

After the final round, the interviewers meet to discuss the profile holistically and a decision is taken after carefully considering all aspects of the assessment. TA team communicates the final decision to the candidate.

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